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Мирное разрешение международных споров

Мирное разрешение международных споров


for diploma paper “The peaceful settlement of international arguments” by


student of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University.

In this work there is analisis of the main components of the most

importent priciple of the international law, the priniple of the peaceful

settlement of international arguments.

The priniple of the peaceful settlement of international argumentsis

the most importent quality of the modern international law.

The first chapter of the research is devoted to analisis of the

peaceful settlement of international argumentsas a most importent as the

most importent principle of the modern international law. Here the

conception of the principle of the peaceful settlement of international

arguments and its development are analised.

In the second chapter the international law system of means the

peaceful settlement of arguments. The author tried to analise the essence

of the various types of the argument settlements and made analisis of such

means like direct talks, bon offices, mediation, international inquiry

procedures, international agreement procedures, international justice and

arbitration hearings.

The subject of the analisis in the third chapter is pecularities of

settlementof international arguments by international universal

organization such as United Nations Organization and by regional

organizations such asthe League of Arabic States and African Unity


But the theme to which this research is devoted is not only actual and

complicated. In the work the author made the proection the priniple of the

peaceful settlement of international arguments.

This research helps to analise and define the main character and

essence of most international conflicts of nowadays. This work is addressed

not only for researchers and students, but for all who are interestedin

this problem of peaceful settlement of international arguments.

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