Hello,dear visitor! very glad that you stopped by my blog and taking the time to meet with me.

My name is Alexander Blok. For a start, a few words about myself..

10 years ago I got interested in creating a slideshow. Opened the simplest Windows Movie Maker, which comes with the Windows operating system and made its first slideshow of photos. On second, third ... generally I liked it)))..was to try and explore other more powerful programs. Along the way, began to experiment with the video..that was my acquaintance with simple editing. Having studied these two areas have tried to combine, combining photos and videos in one musical film. Turned out pretty nicely, music, transitions.. but something was missing.

Most programs have a standard set of effects,transitions, and very difficult to get beyond that, when I would come up and do something unique..wanted to be in the hands of the more powerful tools that allow you to do what you can imagine. Like the artist paints on a white sheet of paper exactly what he wants.

So I met with programs for creating special effects, post-processing and video compositing, 3D models and other useful programmok. And now in his works often have to combine the results of the work even more programs to get what you need...

As such learning in my head have a lot of information that I wanted to structurational and share it with newcomers, who are also interested in these directions, but that doesn't know where to start...

This is the way I already went through and doing it for 10 years. So with pleasure will share with you their experience and knowledge.

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